Day 2 – Agenda

(1) 11:30am Issues with OLI, Canvas, etc?

(2) 11:35 am Open questions from OLI module?

(3) Moodboard discussion? link to Moodboard assignment

(4) 11:40am After the dystopian Bladerunner futures lets go to something more optimistic:

In-class activity Masdar 2050 futures scenario activity (15 minutes video)

Think about the type of future that is depicted in the video. Ask yourself what are the challenges you imagine with Masdar? What would be challenging about living in Masdar?

(5) 12:00 Work on Masdar Assignment.

(6) Recap

Today we discussed how different media (text, visuals, movies) shape how we imagine the details of a futures scenario. We noticed the relationship between designers’ control and imagination play out with an audience.

The audience had to imagine the most with text, and the least with moving pictures. Having to imagine a scenario required effort whereas with a movie it was easy to see what the future might be like, but hard to imagine oneself in it.

With regards to Utopian cities like Masdar, you began to imagine what it might be like to live in such a city. What might be some challenges in everyday life in such a city should it become a city of three million people. You sought to think like a designer and imagine future opportunities. Your training in human-centered design helped to spot problematic areas in the futures vision presented to you.

(7) Homework (two items)

(a) Reflection homework submit a 150-word comment to the Discussion Board Please comment on two of your peer’s reflections due before class on Day 3.

(b) Do page 11 in OLI before class on Day 3.

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