Day 24 – Agenda

11:30 am -11:40am Stuart Candy Welcome & Introduction.

11:40 am -12:00 pm Student teams present 2 minute versions of their Steps 1-3 summary.

  1. What is the setting you are working within?
  2. What is the scenario you are imagining for education futures?
  3. What are your premises?
  • Assume that the scenario you read has come to pass. What problems have lessened or gone away. Which problems have appeared or worsened?
  • What activities stopped or diminished?
  • What are surprising things that do not exist today?

12:00 pm 12- 45pm Workshop with Stuart Candy on premises for futures.

Homework & Recap :: Please complete Step 4 & 5. We will discuss them in class Tuesday.

Recap :: Today we explored the Experiential Futures Ladder in more detail. We had a lively discussion with Stuart Candy about Experiential Futures. You are working out the premises of your scenario to determine the situation that you are enacting in your experiential futures.

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