Day 9

Future 1 (see below)

Future 2 (Go to descriptions)

12:20-12:40 Activity 1 or 2?

12:45pm – 1:15pm discuss future signs & go over instructions.

Future signs exercise (slides). Download the slide and rename it.

12:50-13:00pm Steps 1-2. What is the signal? and what is the issue?

13:00-13:05pm Step 3. What is your interpretation?

13:05-13:15pm Step 4. What is the design opportunity?

Please submit your revised slide for grading.

13:15 pm Recap:: We had a look at future signs today. You practiced discussing what the three parts of a future sign are: the signal, the issue, and the interpretation. Future signs are important to notice and interpret because it helps you understand clues in the present of what the future might be like. In the previous sections, we’ve discussed alternative futures scenarios. Future signs link the present to a future scenario. 

Homework:: Three items for next class. 

(1) Please make sure to watch the three videos on page 19 (i.e., What would Jesus buy [4 minutes], Fast-Fashion [2:30 minutes], Minimalism [2:44 minutes]) before doing page 20 (you can answer the questions on page 19 over the weekend.)  

(2) Please do OLI page 20There are many videos for you to watch, schedule enough time to do your OLI homework. Please note that there are two broken video links on the page the working links are below.

Digital Minimalism – Cal Newport

Here is a NYT op-ed article by Jaron Lanier that is definitely worth watching. It explains the content in a much more engaging way than the two links in OLI page 20. 

(3) Please finish your in-class assignment on future signs. Submit it for grading.

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