Session 14 :: Casual Layered Analysis

15 mins: OLI questions

5 minutes timer

One minute reports back

15 mins: 

15 mins:

Causal Layered Analysis recap 

CLA applied to personal futures 

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Step 5 :: Select the personal future you want to dig deeper into. 

Step 6 :: What is the Litany look and feel like in your personal future?

  • The first level is the “litany” the overwhelming aspects of issues reported in the media. These often exaggerated claims combined with a superficial analysis miss the possible underlying causes (and solutions).

Step 7 :: What is the social structure that you imagine in your personal future?

  • found at the second level of analysis where scholarly, political, or ideological interpretations are provided. More ignored are the third and fourth levels.

Step 8 :: What is the worldview that you imagine embodied in your personal future? Is that a desirable or unhelpful worldview? In other words, would you be happy inhabiting that worldview? 

  • The third is the foundation of fundamental beliefs and worldviews, often unexamined because to unpack this level, rich grounding in history, philosophy, religion, anthropology and the arts and humanities are required.

Step 9 :: What are the myths and stories that you imagine in your personal future? Are those desirable myths and stories for you? Do you feel motivated by the myths and stories or are you demotivated by them?

  • The fourth layer is that of myth. It includes recurring themes such as the epic stories, unconsciously framing everything seen or said in the other three levels. Myths and mythic metaphors work at a pre-rational level and are perceived to be true within a culture.

Reference Dator Future Studies pg10 

Recap :: Today we went deeper into your personal future through the four layers of Causal Layered Analysis (CLA). You were able to unpack the four CLA layers in a personal future of your own.   

Homework :: (1) Please respond to the Unit 7 discussion question. (2) Please read your discussion comments before class (3) Please do OLI page 30 “Future signs: issues, signals, interpretations” before the next class.  

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