7-Unit Dexign Futures Course

Welcome to the 7-unit Dexign Futures course. This version of the course was developed and taught as a 7-week course by Peter Scupelli in fall 2019 at Carnegie Mellon University. The course is organized around four units: (a) futures narratives; (b) alternative futures over time; (c) linking past, present and futures; and (d) making futures. 

There is a complete version of the seven-week course (i.e., online prework and in-class workshop activities) on the Canvas learning management system here: https://learning.cmu.edu  This includes both the online pre-work activities on the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) platform and the day-by-day in-class workshop activities, assignments, and rubrics. The course is called 51.371 Dexign Futures (7 Weeks). Please contact Peter Scupelli if you are interested in using this open-source learning resource or if you need any other help with the material.

Here is a replica of the course outside of the CANVAS environment for the in-class portion of the course materials (You will still need the OLI materials for the student pre-work to prepare for the in-class workshop activities). All class activities are available as MS Word documents, PDF, and Powerpoint slides.

Unless otherwise noted this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.