Alternative futures workshop

This eighty-minute workshop is based on three exercises that help to think about how alternative futures relate to design. The first exercise is called the Polak Game and explores ones optimism and pessimism and agency in the world. The second exercise explores an alternative future put forth by Dr Chris Luebkman. We will do a structured brainstorming exercise to brainstorm products and services that belong in each alternative future proposed. Third, we will do a structured mapping exercise where people describe the focus of their along two axes, first, based on time horizon short-term vs long-term and the second axis isdesign practice (form-centered vs. social impact centered).

(1) Polak Game see the link here.

(2) Dr Chris Luebkman – Four predictions for earth’s future. What kinds of alternative futures might exist and how does one construct such alternative worlds?

Part 1, watch the video below. And seek to understand the forces that shape each world.

Part 2. We split up into small groups to brainstorm (a) what existing products and services would be very successful in each world? Who would be most likely to use such products and services? (b) What problems and opportunities might there be in each world? (3) What new products or services might you design to solve such problems/opportunities?

Each group presents back to the whole group a summary of their group discussion and design concept ideas for each world.

(3) What kind of designer are you? Is your focus on form giving or social impact? What is your focus now in the short-term (first job after graduation) and long-term (say by the year 2050)?