15-Unit Dexign Futures Course

Welcome to the 15-unit Dexign Futures course. This version of the course was developed and taught as a 15-week course by Peter Scupelli in fall 2017 at Carnegie Mellon University. The course is organized around four units: (a) futures narratives and people; (b) critiquing alternative futures; (c) critiquing normative futures; and (d) making experiential futures. 

There is a version of the fifteen-week course on the Canvas learning management system here: https://learning.cmu.edu  This includes both the online activities on the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) platform and the day-by-day in-class activities, assignments, and rubrics. The course is called 51.371 Dexign Futures. Please contact Peter Scupelli if you are interested in using this open-source learning resource.

Here  is replica of the course outside of the CANVAS environment for the in-class portion of the course materials (You will still need the OLI materials for the student homework). All class activities are available as MS Word documents, PDF, and Powerpoint slides. Please contact Peter Scupelli if you need help with these materials.

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