Session 22 :: Brainstorming a Future Scenario

30 mins: Discuss LEARN!2050 scenario from Adam Gordon’s Perspective.
  1. Purpose
  2. Specificity
  3. Information quality
  4. Interpretation and bias
  5. Methods and models
  6. Quantitative limits
  7. Managing complexity
  8. Assumptions and paradigm paralysis
  9. Zeitgeist and groupthink
  10. Drivers and blockers. 

20 mins: (2) Positive and Shadow imaginations about edu-block discussion.

25 mins: (3) You’ve explored LEARN! 2050 & Learn-Earn EDUBLOCKS. Pick some features of LEARN!20150 & EDUBLOCKS that your team would like to explore.

Brainstorm what a Future of Learning Scenario might be like.

What is the scenario like? What learning artifacts or services are involved?

Please submit for grading.

Homework :: OLI page 41 “Experiential Futures” & unit reflection.

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