Session 24 :: Experiential Futures

20 mins: Student teams present 2 minute versions of their Steps 1-3 summary.

  1. What is the setting you are working within?
  2. What is the scenario you are imagining for education futures?
  3. What are your premises?
  • Assume that the scenario you read has come to pass. What problems have lessened or gone away. Which problems have appeared or worsened?
  • What activities stopped or diminished?
  • What are surprising things that do not exist today?

45 mins: Workshop with Stuart CandyLinks to an external site. for Experiential futures. Watch Stuart’s talk here: Seminar Video

Homework ::

  • Please complete Step 4 & 5. We will discuss them in next class.
  • Weekly Reflection:

This is a graded discussion: 20 points possible:

Unit 12 :: Experiential Futures

One of the reasons why one might read the classics in literature, watch theater plays, or high-quality movies, is because those stories can describe something fundamental about what it means to be a human being and the human experience. These are timeless stories about love, loss, frustrations, feeling powerless within unfair systems, overcoming challenges through the hero’s journey, etc. Well crafted stories that describe the human experience, and what it means to feel human;  resonate with people in a timeless manner.  

What are some of the most exhilarating and toughest experiences you’ve had with your education to date? What was extremely delightful or tough about those experiences? What aspects of your learning experiences are timeless (e.g., might apply in futures)?

 How might such emotions and experiences play out in your experiential scenario exercise? 

Please write your own post of 150 words max and comment on two of your colleagues posts.

Recap :: Today we explored the Experiential Futures Ladder in more detail. We had a lively discussion with Stuart Candy about Experiential Futures. You are working out the premises of your scenario to determine the situation that you are enacting in your experiential futures.

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