Session 3 :: Futurists and Future Scenarios

  • Individually finish Masdar assignment and resubmit it.
  • Questions from OLI page 11. How might futurists give futures scenarios depth?
  • Cascio Style Critique of Scenarios.
  • Recap:

Today we discussed the three flaws of futures scenarios according to Jamais Cascio.

  1. Limitations of scenarios that (a) focus only on technological advances and missing how people live; (b) ignore unintended uses; and (c) focus only on the dominant class missing the broader impact on all of society.
  2. The second flaw involves ignoring human nature in futures scenarios.
  3. The third flaw, entails lacking respect for the intelligence of the audience (e.g., make your case and trust your audience to choose the better scenario; provide equally seductive and terrifying scenarios that prepare for success and failure).

We applied these critiques to your Masdar Scenarios and used the critiques to inspire new products and scenarios.

  • Homework: OLI page 12 “Visions of futures”

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