Session 7 :: Family Tree

15 mins: OLI page 17 (three generation personas) discussion

Overview of three generation persona families

  • (a) resource to contextualize personas from a design thinking perspective & from a futures thinking perspective.

  • (b) what is a three generation persona family? How might you go about making one? Let’s do some reverse engineering.

Two in-class assignments:

  • (1) 10 mins Make a family tree for either the Stanley or Neumann family you explored in the OLI module.
  • (2) 30 mins Make a timeline starting in 1990 for the family with the key events (birth of children, jobs, major political shifts).

Homework: OLI page 18 (Next Generations) due before the next class

Recap: Today we began to describe who might be people in a future scenario. You began to trace where these families came from. What stories, events, and forces of change shaped them. As you look out into possible futures you’ll reflect on how such forces of change might impact your three generation persona families. We focused on three generations so you can see how forces of change and major events affect multiple generations and not just one target user.

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