Todd Johnson


Todd Milo Johnson is an energy and environmental economist specializing in the local and global impacts of energy generation and use. He worked at the World Bank for nearly three decades before retiring in 2018. His last position with the World Bank was as the lead energy specialist in China. He has worked extensively in Asia and Latin America on a range of energy and sustainability issues, including clean energy and transport development, air pollution health effects, urban energy efficiency, and global climate change. He has authored and contributed to more than thirty publications, including China: Clear Water, Blue Skies (1997), The Switch to Unleaded Gasoline in Vietnam (2002), Low-Carbon Development for Mexico (2010), and China Urbanization 2040 (2014). From 1986-1991, Todd was Program Director of the Economics Education and Research Program in China, at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. Prior to that, he was a Research Fellow at the East-West Center in Hawaii, where he was part of a team that established some of the earliest academic and research exchanges between the U.S. and China in the energy sector. He has a BA in Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD in economics from the University of Hawaii. He is proficient in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

In 2018, Todd founded GreenShorts, an environmental video production company. Through the production of short videos, GreenShorts seeks to identify, research, and record sustainable development practices around the world. Initial topics will include: clean energy, low-carbon development, waste management, green buildings, clean transportation, and urban food production.


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