Session 20 :: Milestones and backcasting

5 mins: OLI questions

Future of Work in 2050

Assignment here.

We’ve been working on the future of education in 2050, and how it might be free to the learner. We need to ask a fundamental question though. What kind of work will people be doing, and what skills are necessary for such work, and who will pay for the acquisition of those skills so that it is free for the learner. Watch the following clips, and take notes of what each clip tells you about the future of work and what lifelong learning skills people will need in 2050.

4:36 minutes

Question :: What are the features of future work and how might those skills be taught in 2050? 

Question :: What kind of work will people do in 2050?

14:38 minutes

Question ::  Who will pay for people who lost employment to robots?

1:40 Minutes

Question :: What are the two challenges that we face? What kind of education will people need?

14:22 Minutes

Question ::  What can be done to prevent poverty?

14:57 minutes

Last step:: Reflection: How do your ideas about work relate to the future of education?

Optional clip.

18:38 minutes

Submit homework for grading.

Homework :: (a) OLI page 40 “Critiquing futures scenarios critically” (b) unit reflection

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