Session 23 :: Experiencing Education Futures

15 mins: Week 11 Reflections

This week you critiqued two scenarios about the future of education Wasserman’s LEARN2050! and IFTF Learning for Earning 2026. You came up with your own version of the future of learning based on your critiques of Wasserman’s LEARN2050! and IFTF Learning for Earning 2026. What future signs have you noticed that are linked to your view of the future of learning?

5 minute group discussion – 1 minute report backs.

5 mins: Connecting the dots.

  • What are the connections between critiquing existing scenarios on the future of education such as LEARN2050! and Edublocks Learning is Earning?
  • We critiqued such scenarios to open up the design space for you to be able to then go deeper into an experiential future.
  • We explored the type of work and types of education to prepare for in futures. All this because both futures we explored did not clearly articulate what kind of future
  • All this to then create an a futures experience that we can engage with using all of our senses and body.

4 mins: In-class activity

Slides for Experiencing Education Futures

Step 1. Describe the Setting for the future of education

Step 2. What is the specific future history or state

Step 3. Generate multiple premises.

  • Assume that the scenario you read has come to pass. What problems have lessened or gone away. Which problems have appeared or worsened?
  • What activities stopped or diminished?
  • What are surprising things that do not exist today?

Article on the future of education 

Submit your slides for grading.

Recap & Homework OLI page 42 “What are experiential futures?”

Today we began towork on the first two levels of the Experiential futures ladder: (1) Setting is the kind of future top level description of the world. (2) Scenario: What is the specific future history or state. We are working towards defining (3) the Situation — one-to-one scale visible representation of time and place and (4) Stuff — artifacts or instantiations to help people immerse themselves in the situation.

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