Session 28 :: Experiential Futures Ladder

5 mins: Please update your step 0 slide on Slide 8.

60 mins: Please work as teams to do a walk-through of your performance. Block out where each person is standing. Read the script out loud. Decide where everyone is standing or going. 

Please submit a final sample.


  • Prepare for a dry run of your presentation for next session. Bring your props.
  • Unit 14 Reflection due before the next session:

This is a graded discussion: 20 points possible:

Unit 14 :: Making Future Situations Tangible

In the Experiential Futures Assignment you are using the Futures Ladder to go from: (a) abstract futures setting, (b) specific scenario, (c) a situation, and (d) specific artifacts so that people can experience your future.  

What in this assignment do you find most challenging about making futures situations tangible so that others can experience them?  

What has helped you overcome such challenges?

Please write your own post of 150 words max and comment on two of your colleagues posts.