Session 14 :: Disruptive Innovation

10 mins: Brief recap of the Futures 1 course –> Futures 2 – Experiential Futures. 

20 mins:OLI page 26 questions and discussion.

  • Please discuss with your team for 5 minutes and submit a question that you would like to discuss with the whole class.
  • 1-minute timer Each student votes individually on 3 questions they would like to discuss.  Here are some sample questions from previous class.
  •  We discuss as a class the most voted upon questions for nine minutes.

45 mins:

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation Explained

1. What are some key features of Disruptive innovation according to Clayton Christiansen?

2. What are some examples of disruptive innovation that you noticed recently?

3. What role does design play with disruptive innovations?

Three Horizons

Questions ::

  1. How does the three horizons of growth framework apply to design?
  2. What type of horizon of growth are you most comfortable designing for?
  3. What horizon of growth are your being prepared for in your design studies at Carnegie Mellon?

1. What are some examples from the article?

2. What horizon of growth are the examples from?

3. What role does design play in those examples?

Do steps 4-7 on Benchmark goal exercise for normative futures

Homework ::

  • (a) OLI please finish all the assigned. Make sure you fill out OLI pages 1-26. This is 35% of your grade.
  • (b) Week 7 reflection due by 3 days after class.
    • Your future for futures? You’ve completed half a semester-long class on futures. You explored Hollywood futures, critiqued alternative futures, critiqued normative futures, and explored how futures relate to design. What did you discover in this mini? What surprised you about futures thinking? How might you apply what you learned in this class in your design practice?(Please write your own post of 150 words max.)
  • (c) Round 2 teams assessment 
  • (d) post-course knowledge measure. What futures ideas did you learn?
  • (e) post-course online survey: I need to know what worked and what could be improved in the course. This is specific to your learning experience.

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