Session 13 :: Personal Futures

Shout out for diversity and futures studies.

15 mins: Comments on Unit 7 Reflections.

5 minutes timer 

You’ve begun to study alternative worlds this week. Consider the two types of alternative futures we studied from Chris Luebkman and Jim Dator. What connections do you notice between Luebkman’s ( e.g., Selfish Bubble, Vortex of Despair, Carbon is Crime, Ecological age) and Dator’s generic futures (i.e., Growth, Collapse, Discipline, Transformation)?

15 mins OLI questions

5 minutes timer 

One minute reports back

Peter’s youtube response 

40 mins: In class activity :: Personal futures.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand how the topics we discuss in futures relate to you personally. So in this exercise you’ll explore something you are an expert in: your own decisions about your futures. In the previous OLI exercises you explored Sohail Inayatullah’s ideas around used futures, disowned futures, and so forth. 

So lets get personal!

7 mins: The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano – personal futures  slide  and work on it.

  • Step 1 (60 seconds) timer 12:13pm
  • Step 2 (60 seconds) timer 12:14pm
  • Step 3 (5 minutes) timer 12:15-12:20pm
  • Step 4 (20 minutes) timer 12:20-12:45pm
  • Turn in your copy of the slide

Homework: Please do OLI page 28 “futures mapping methods.


You’ve been working on a persona mandala for a third or fourth generation Stanley or Neumann family member. It is easy to get stuck in making stuff up about someone fictional. Today you took someone you know very well and began to imagine what alternative futures might be for you based on some decisions you already made. My hope is that you see that the methods you are learning in this class can be applied to your own life and any other design situation you want to shape.

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