Session 8 :: Three generation personas

15 mins: discussion OLI page 18 (Next Generations)


The documentary Two American Families gave you a glimpse into how STEEP forces play out in peoples’ lives over time. The chronicling of the Stanley and Neumann’s over the past two decades gave you opportunities to see how Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, and Political forces affect real people in the past. Hopefully, you are able to see how the present is affected by such forces as well. In this exercise you are going to imagine the future of the Stanley and Neumann families. In short, what happens from 2013 to 2050. As a designer you need to understand how STEEP forces shape the design space you are operating within. Things don’t just happen, forces of change shape the context where products, services, and experiences are launched. Aligning your work with such forces makes your design work more likely to succeed.

In this exercise you’ll go deeper into personas. Personas is a very powerful tool to communicate user research used by interaction designers. In this exercise you will learn how to avoid the major pitfall in making personas– being too stereotypical and superficial.

Download p2 Three Generation Persona Family.docx

10 mins: Step 1 & 2 :: Revised family tree assignment

15 mins: Step 3 :: 2×2 exercise Sustainable Consumption Motivators.

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Homework: OLI page 20 (Overview of futures studies) & Weekly discussion post.

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