Session 1 :: Hopes and Fears

  1. Welcome and Syllabus Questions
  3. Video and audio recording
  4. OLI Module on Futures page 5 OLI course.
  5. Hopes & Fears Activity
    Time Scales Activity 
  6. Futures Cone
  7. Recap: Today you learned about hopes and fears through the lens of STEEP forces (social, technology, economy, environment, and politics). Hopefully you noticed that STEEP opens up many facets for you to think about your hopes and fears. You also explore how near and far timescales shape your thinking about your hopes and fear as well. Remember that structure helps to think.  

    Here is a sketch that summarizes hopes and fears, timescales, and STEEP:

  8. Homework due before next class.

    (a) Please do pages 6-8 on the OLI course.

    (b) In the OLI assignment, you are asked to create  a moodboard on google slides/ppt and upload a link for grading.

Moodboard Bladerunner